Tiger Reserve in India

Why is Tiger Reserve?

The tigers are maintained for their scientific, economic, aesthetic, cultural and ecological values and to preserve for all time areas of biological importance as a national heritage for the benefit, educational purposes.

When is Tiger Reserve Set up?

The tiger reserves of India were set up in 1973 and are governed by Project Tiger, which is administrated by the National Tiger Conservation Authority.

India is home to 80 percent of tigers in the world.

International Tiger Day

Every year, July 29 is celebrated as International Tiger Day to raise awareness about the gradual decline of their population.

Interesting Facts about Tigers

  1. No two tigers have the same stripes. Like human fingerprints, their stripe patterns are unique to each individual.
  2. The average lifespan of a wild tiger is 10 - 15 years. But on rare occasions, they have been known to live up to 26 years in the wild.
  3. Unlike most big cats, tigers are powerful swimmers and have been known to swim great distances to hunt or cross rivers.
  4. An adult tiger can consume up to 88 pounds of meat in one meal.
  5. A tiger's hind legs are longer than its front legs, giving them the ability to leap forward 20 - 30 feet in one jump.
  6. Tigers have large, padded, feet that make it easier for them to silently stalk their prey.
  7. It's estimated that tiger hunts are only successful about one in every 10 to 20 attempts.

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S.NoStateTiger Reserve
1Andhra PradeshNagarjunsagar Srisailam
2Arunachal Pradesh
  • Pakke or Pakhui
  • Kamlang
  • Nameri
  • Manas
  • Bandipur
  • Bhadra
  • Dandeli-Anshi or Kali
  • Parambikulam
  • Periyar
9Madhya Pradesh
  • Kanha
  • Pench
  • Satpura
  • Sanjay-Dubri
  • Melghat
  • Tadoba Andhari
  • Sahyadri
  • Bor
  • Satkosia
  • Sunabeda
14Tamil Nadu
  • Kalakkad Mundanthurai
  • Aanaimalai
  • Mudumalai
  • Sathyamangalam
  • Srivilliputhur Meghamalai
  • Kawal
  • Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam
16Uttar PradeshPilibhit
17West Bengal
  • Buxa
  • Sundarbans
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