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Important Boundary Lines

What is Boundary Lines?

A boundary line is a line along which two countries meet.

List of Important Boundary Lines

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S.No Boundary Lines Between
1 Line of Control India and Pakistan
2 Line of Actual Control India and China
3 24th parallel line India and Pakistan
4 Radcliffe Line
  • India and Pakistan
  • India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
5 McMahon Line India and China
6 Marginal Line Russia and Finland
7 Durand Line Afghanistan and Pakistan
8 Blue Line Lebanon and Israel
9 Purple Line Israel and Syria
10 Green Line
  • Israel and its neighbours
  • Israel, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon
11 Armistice Line
  • Israel and its neighbours
  • Israel, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon
12 Mason-Dixon Line Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia
13 Curzon Line
  • Poland and Soviet Russia
  • Poland and Russia
14 Military Demarcation Line (MDL) North Korea and South Korea
15 Maginot Line France and Germany
16 Mannar Line India and Sri Lanka
17 Mannar haime Line Finland and Russia
18 Order Neisse Line Germany and Poland
19 Hindenburg Line Germany and Poland
20 Sigfried Line France and Germany
21 16 Parallel North Angola and Namibia
22 16 Parallel South Mozambique and Zimbabwe
23 17th Parallel North South Vietnam and North Vietnam
24 20th Parallel North Libya and Sudan
25 22th Parallel North Egypt and Sudan
26 25th Parallel North Mauritania and Mali
27 26th Parallel North Western Sahara and Mauritania
28 31st Parallel North Iraq and Iran
29 38th Parallel North Line North Korea and South Korea
30 40th Parallel North Kansas and Nebraska
31 41th Parallel North
  • Wyoming (bordering Utah and Colorado)
  • Nebraska and Colorado
32 42nd Parallel North New York and Pennsylvania
33 43rd Parallel North Nebraska and South Dakota
34 45th Parallel North Montana and Wyoming
35 49th Parallel North United States and Canada
36 Medicine Line United States and Canada

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