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All Flipkart Super Fan Quiz Answers

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All Flipkart Super Fan Quiz Answers

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E3: Sara Ali Khan

  1. What is my favourite holiday destination in India?

    Answer: Himachal Pradesh

  2. What is my favourite cheat meal?

    Answer: Mithai

  3. Which classical dance form am I more trained in?

    Answer: Odissi

  4. What is the name of my pet turtle?

    Answer: Mr. T

  5. What is my favourite type of Atta?

    Answer: Makki

  6. I have a fake Twitter account?

    Answer: True

  7. I lost weight during the Kedarnath shoot

    Answer: False

  8. My favourite form of exercise is weight training

    Answer: False

  9. My favourite Karan Johar film in ____

    Answer: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

  10. Out of all mom's films my favourite performance of hers is ____

    Answer: Chameli Ki Shaadi

E2: Jacqueline Fernandez

  1. What is the last thing I do before I sleep?

    Answer: Pray

  2. What is my favourite Indian Dessert?

    Answer: Rasgulla

  3. What is my least favourite vegetable?

    Answer: Karela

  4. What is that one social media trend that really bugs me

    Answer: Challenges

  5. I always carry a marble in my bag. Who gifted me this

    Answer: My Mom

  6. What is that one thing I always offer guests when they come home?

    Answer: Dates

  7. I have 2 poles at home

    Answer: TRUE

  8. If I wasn't living in india I would have loved to stay in New York

    Answer: FALSE

  9. The first Hindi film I watched was ____

    Answer: Devdas

  10. My first Bollywood crush was _____

    Answer: Salman Khan

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E1: Kareena Kapoor Khan

  1. What was the name my grandfather wanted to give me?

    Answer: Sidhima

  2. What do you think I like more?

    Answer: Sunset

  3. What was the summer course I took in Harvard?

    Answer: Micro Computers & Info tech

  4. What is my favourite corner in my house?

    Answer: The Balcony

  5. How many pairs of jeans do I own?

    Answer: 50-55 Pairs

  6. What is my favourite pass time with Taimur?

    Answer: Reading

  7. My second favourite holiday destination in New York

    Answer: False

  8. My favourite dessert is Dal Ka Halwa

    Answer: False

  9. I would love to be a lead in my own biopic

    Answer: True

  10. My favourite Saif Ali Khan performance is?

    Answer: Dil Chahta hai

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