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All Flipkart Super Fan Quiz Answers

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E6: Malaika Arora

  1. What is the most daring things I have ever done?

    Answer: Swimming with Sharks

  2. What disk do I cook the best?

    Answer: Green Thai Curry

  3. What is that one habit I just can't get rid of?

    Answer: Over-packing

  4. What was my favorite subject in school?

    Answer: History

  5. What is that one word I use a lot?

    Answer: Seriously

  6. Badminton is my favourite sport

    Answer: False

  7. My perfect date night is a long walk on the bench

    Answer: False

  8. The hindi film song which best describes me is _______

    Answer: Oh Haseena Zulfon Waali

  9. The first ad I did was for

    Answer: Amusement Park

  10. My favourite hindi movie is _______

    Answer: Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

E5: Ananya Pandey

  1. What is my secret talent?

    Answer: Touching my toungue to my nose

  2. What is my favourite team sport?

    Answer: Cricket

  3. What is my favourite ice cream flavour?

    Answer: Cookies and Cream

  4. My favourite family holiday was to which place?

    Answer: Africa

  5. I am allergic to cheese?

    Answer: False

  6. One emoji that I use the most is the eye roll?

    Answer: False

  7. The first thing I do in the morning is check my phone

    Answer: True

  8. If this film was remade today I would love to be a part if it. the film is

    Answer: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

  9. I regularly use this movie dialogue. The dialogue is ____

    Answer: Main apni favourite hoon

  10. If my life had a hindi theme song then it would be ____?

    Answer: Ankhiyon se goli maare

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E4: Taapsee Pannu

  1. The first poster I ever put in my room was of which actor?

    Answer: John Abraham

  2. Who am I more scared of?

    Answer: My Dad

  3. What is that one habit I just can't get rid of?

    Answer: Nail Bitting

  4. If I were to get a third tattoo what would that tatto be?

    Answer: My Birth Date

  5. Which Delhi street food do I miss the most?

    Answer: Chole Bhature

  6. I am a

    Answer: Morning Person

  7. In college I developed an app called FontSwap

    Answer: True

  8. Once while playing Badminton I hit my younger sister so hard on the head that she had to go to the hospital

    Answer: False

  9. The first film I saw in a movie theatre was

    Answer: Chhota Chetan

  10. I can speak _____ languages

    Answer: 5

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