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All Flipkart Beat the Genius Quiz Answers

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All Flipkart Beat the Genius Quiz Answers

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E23: From London to Paris

Short Answers: C, A, C, A, A

  1. The Alphonso mango was named after an explorer from which country?

    Answer: Portugal

  2. In the Mahabharata who narrates the events of the Kurukshetra war to the blind Dhritarashtra?

    Answer: Sanjaya

  3. Which Puducherry-born Hollywood director has received a Padma Shri in 2008?

    Answer: M Night Shyamalan

  4. In which country did the Indian men's cricket team win its first overseas test series?

    Answer: New Zealand

  5. In 1829 which Governor General of India banned the practice of Sati?

    Answer: Lord Bentinck

E22: Howdy Modi?

Short Answers: D, B, B, D, A

  1. Which was the first Bollywood movie for which AR Rahman composed music?

    Answer: Rangeela

  2. In which state in the USA was the Howdy Modi event held?

    Answer: Texas

  3. From which company did the Tatas buy Jaguar Land Rover?

    Answer: Ford

  4. A writer in which language won the first even Jnanpith award?

    Answer: Malayalam

  5. In the Ramayana whose real name was Nemi?

    Answer: Dasaratha

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E21: India's Own Shakespeare

Short Answers: D, A, B, A, B

  1. Which Indian Super League team has Sunil Chhetri played for since 2013?

    Answer: Bengaluru FC

  2. Vishal Bharadwaj's '7 Khoon Maaf' and 'The Blue Umbrella' are based on the works of which author?

    Answer: Ruskin Bond

  3. Who was the first Indian soldier to attain the rank of Field Marshal?

    Answer: SHFJ Manekshaw

  4. The campus of which of these institutions the first of its kind served as an airbase for US troops during World War II?

    Answer: IIT Kharagpur

  5. In Hindu mythology, what did king Bhagiratha bring down from the heavens through penance?

    Answer: Ganga

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E20: The Masalas of Chettinad

Short Answers: A, D, B, D, C

  1. Chettinad and Kongunad are cuisines native to which Indian state?

    Answer: Tamil Nadu

  2. Who was the first Indian to win a Grand Slam title in tennis?

    Answer: Mahesh Bhupathi

  3. Which king was responsible for the construction of the Vijaya Stambha in Chittorgarh?

    Answer: Maharana Kumbha

  4. Which city was Mahatma Gandhi at on the night when India became independent?

    Answer: Kolkata

  5. The Karnataka Khadhi Gramodyago Samyukta Sangha in Hubli is famous for producing what?

    Answer: National Flag

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E19: Tirupati Laddu

Short Answers: A, B, B, D, A

  1. The 2016 film film Rustom Akshay Kumar's character is loosely based on which Indian naval officer who was part of a landmark case?

    Answer: KM Nanavati

  2. Which GI-tagged sweet dish

    Answer: Laddu

  3. In Which town was Dr. Ambedkar born in 1891?

    Answer: Mhow

  4. Under whose captaincy did the Indian women's cricket team play first Test match?

    Answer: Shantha Rangaswamy

  5. Which country's president was the Chief Guest for India's first Republic Day parade?

    Answer: Indonesia

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