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Amazon Daily Quiz Answers for Today

Amazon daily quiz answers for today. Answers are verfied.

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Amazon Daily Quiz Answers for Today

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Amazon Daily Quiz Answers for 24 July 2021

Short Answers: B, D, A, C, A

  1. What does 'B' in BIMSTEC stand for?

    Answer: Bay of Bengal

  2. Which veteran Hollywood actor and filmmaker received the honorary Palme d'or at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival?

    Answer: Jodie Foster

  3. In May 2021, which country became the 11th to sign the Artemis Accords with NASA?

    Answer: New Zealand

  4. In which Hindu month is this festival celebrated?

    Answer: Phalguna

  5. Which type of instrument is this classified as?

    Answer: Chordophone

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers for 23 July 2021

Short Answers: A, C, A, C, A

  1. What is the name of the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pakistan, with the help of China?

    Answer: PakVac

  2. Which country is the first to formally recognize Bitcoin as a legal tender?

    Answer: El Salvador

  3. EnVision is an orbital mission to which planet being developed by the European Space Agency?

    Answer: Venus

  4. Who was credited with the invention of the first version of this device?

    Answer: Elisha Otis

  5. This is the flag of which region?

    Answer: Palestine

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