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Agricultural Revolutions In India

Why Agricultural revolutions started in india?

The Agricultural Revolution started in India around the turn of the 19th century for the following two main purposes.

  • To spread the new crops and advanced techniques in the field of Agriculture.
  • To increase in agricultural productivity, especially for the development of the country.

List of Agriculture Revolutions in India

Note: This table is designed for Government Entrance Exam Aspirants. For brevity, we shortend Black revolution as Black, Blue revolution as Blue.

S.No Revolution Products Father of the Revolution
1 Black Petroleum Productions N / A
2 Blue Fish Productions
  • Dr. Arun Krishnan
  • Hiralal Chaudhuri
3 Brown
  • Leather Productions
  • Non-Conventional Productions
  • Cocoa Productions
Hiralal Chaudri
4 Evergreen Overall Production of Agriculture N / A
5 Golden Fibre Jute Productions N / A
6 Golden
  • Fruits Productions
  • Honey Productions
  • Horticulture Development
Nirpakh Tutej
7 Green Food Grains Productions
  • Norman Borlaug
  • William Goud
  • M.S. Swaminathan
8 Grey Fertilizer Productions N / A
9 Pink
  • Onion Productions
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Prawn Productions
Durgesh Patel
10 Protein Higher Productions
  • Narendra Modi
  • Arun Jaitely
11 Red
  • Meat Productions
  • Tomato Productions
Vishal Tewari
12 Round Potato Productions N / A
13 Silver
  • Egg Productions
  • Poultry Productions
Indira Gandhi
14 Silver Fibre Cotton Productions N / A
15 White
  • Milk Productions
  • Dairy Productions
Verghese Kurien
16 Yellow Oilseeds Productions Sam Pitroda

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